With more than 50 years of production experience, DROUZHBA PLC offers the highest quality standard.

We manufacture pistons with diameter from 40 to 180 mm.

For casting we use mainly two methods:
• Gravity casting
SLF (Semi-Liquid Forging)
Gravity casting is made on 8 semi-automatic FATA machines.For SLF we use a 120 tons press.
For SSF we use a 120 tons press. The technology provides higher quality of the crystallized metal structure. It greatly improves the physical, mechanical and performance characteristics of the pistons.

For pistons machining we use a brand new sophisticated and modern CNC machinery line purchased from the Japanese leading manufacturer TAKISAWA.

• Ni-resist insert
• Cooling gallery
• Brass bushing

• Tin coating 3÷5 μm
• Phosphate coating 1÷4 μm
• Hard anodizing 40÷80 μm
• Graphite coating 8÷20 μm

We manufacture piston rings with diameter from 50 to 150 mm. We normally use “Standard” and “KV1” cast-iron alloys. Since DROUZHBA PLC has a GOETZE licence, all piston rings are made according to the original GOETZE technology and specifications.

Coating options:
• Phosphate
• Solid chrome

We manufacture piston pins with diameter from 10 to 60 mm certified by DIN 73126.

We manufacture complete Piston Sets included Piston, Piston Rings and Piston Pins. We provide Liner Kits.